Common Metal Items In Your Business That Can Be Recycled

Metal recycling services can be found all over Australia and are important in reducing the number of resources it takes to mine and then process new metal. However, many businesses and companies don't realise that a lot of the metal items they throw out can be recycled, which is why it is important the word gets out about metal recycling services. If you are renovating or moving premises and clearing out all your old metal items, then you might have some stuff that can be recycled too. Here are three common metal items found in businesses that can be recycled. 

Leftover Construction Material

Often businesses will have a lot of leftover construction material on-site, either from when they initially finished construction or from when they renovated the place after they moved in. A lot of these construction materials are metal, including nails, frames, screws, hammers and saws as well as plenty of hinges and roofing materials. If you have been keeping your leftover construction material out of sight, then maybe it is time you got rid of it entirely. This form of metal is very easy to recycle because it is usually quite unprocessed and you don't need to do too much work to form it into something new.


Whitegoods are often found in the kitchen or in your businesses laundry (if you have one). Fridges, microwaves, washing machines and so on are all whitegoods that contain a lot of metal that can be reused. However, it is important to note that not all metal recycling services can process whitegoods due to the amount of work it takes to extract the valuable metal from other components. Always double-check before you arrive at your metal recycling plant that they can, in fact, recycle the goods you want to be recycled. This advice goes for anything you take to recycle. 

Pots, Pans And Kitchen Accessories

In addition to the larger appliances, most of your smaller kitchen utensils can also be recycled. Cast iron pans are especially valuable but even stainless steel cutlery and other minor items can be given a new life. Don't just throw these items in the skip, organise a collection from your nearest metal recycling plant or drive them out there yourself. You may be surprised at just how close the nearest one is. Also, if you have any cans, coffee containers and other food containers then you can bring them with you as well!