Why You Should Ensure That Document Destruction Is Part Of Your Business

Many Australian businesses deal with highly sensitive material concerning millions of people's financial, medical or legal status. Almost every white-collar industry has some sort of dealing with sensitive information, and many of these companies' core business models revolve around the careful use of this information. Due to this, many industries are regulated as to what and how they can use personal information and, perhaps most importantly, how they deal with the documents containing this information after it has served its purpose. That is why it is so vital that, if your company doesn't have a document destruction contractor, you take steps to rectify that situation immediately. 

Document Destruction

While shredding documents is often portrayed as being a practice only used by shady companies in the movies, in reality, every big business has some method of document destruction. Getting a shredder is also not as sufficient as you might think, as it is much easier to abuse this system. There are many document destruction contractors that have regularly scheduled visits, and they can provide boxes that allow you to deposit documents but prevents you from opening them back up. This document destruction process is guarded very strictly and ensures that no one within your office can hide or swap out folders that are due for destruction. Having your clients know that you take their privacy seriously, even after they stop being your customer, will only generate confidence in your business and will encourage repeat visitors.

Does Your Business Required Document Destruction?

Generally speaking, if you are in the possession of someone's private information that you obtained through legitimate business, you are expected to dispose of this information after the service or contract is finished. This applies to dozens of different industries, including real estate, accounting, finance, e-finance, advertising, banking and many more. This privacy also extends to corporate customers, meaning that if you have inside information of another company you are required to destroy it once finished. Some of these industries have very heavy regulations on document destruction and may actually be breaking the law by not disposing of private information properly. Check with your relevant state or territory authority for more information.

Help The Environment

In addition to being the correct and legal thing to do, document destruction also allows you to give back to the environment in some small way. Many document destruction companies are now able to completely recycle all your paper files in a way that totally destroys all your information. There is no risk of this information surviving the recycling process, as there are several destructive methods it goes through before it reaches that stage. Next time you are looking for a document destruction company, remember to choose one that is better for the environment.