Scrap metal recycling for smart devices

Anyone who is addicted to their smartphone or tablet knows how tempting it is to upgrade your device when a newer or faster model comes back. The technology in these devices continues to rapidly develop, and the ever increasing speed and performance makes new models exciting and even more useful. However, this has led to issues with a growing number of old devices that need to be disposed of. 

Here are some hints to safely dispose of smart devices. 

Do not throw in the bin

Smartphones contain a number of items and components that cannot be disposed of in the general rubbish, including heavy metals and batteries. It is important not to throw these devices into the bin as they can create pollution, and you may also be liable for fines if these items are found in the general rubbish collection bins. 

Look into recycling programs

Even old and non-functioning phones contain a valuable amount of precious metals including gold and rare earth minerals in addition to any parts which can be used as spares for other phone users. These items can be recycled from old phones, and you may even make a little money out of the transaction. It's a good idea to look for a program that specialises in your make of phone as they will be clearest about the value and amount of scrap metals in your phone, as well as parts. This can be a great way to make a few dollars back toward your new phone. 

Investigate recycling programs for charities

In addition to for-profit phone recycling programs, there is a number of charity programs which recycle phones to support their programs. Again, these programs use the phones for scrap metal (and parts where possible), and this money can be an easy way to contribute to a charity with items that are just cluttering up your home. These are relatively easy to use as you can simply mail the phone to the charity, and they organise the collection. As they recycle large numbers of phones and devices, they will receive great rates from recyclers and can maximise the money that goes into their programs this way. 

If you have upgraded your phone, tablet or other smart device, it's important not to throw your devices into the bin. There is a range of for-profit and charity recycling programs which can safely recycle the metal and parts, ensuring less landfill and maximum value back to the owner.