Why You Should Use Plastic Pallets

There are several pallet materials used, and plastic comes along as one of the most beneficial to the users.  Pallets are mostly used for shipping goods, supporting the goods as they are being transported from one location to another. There are several reasons why you should make plastic pallets your number one choice for transporting merchandise.


Plastic pallets, by virtue of being plastic, are exempted from ISPM 15. ISPM 15 is an international standard that requires wood material thicker than 6mm to be treated before being used for shipment of goods between countries. As such, plastic is a hassle-free option that relieves you the stress of finding out whether you meet these international standards.


If you are in an industry that deals with sensitive products, such as food or pharmaceutical products, then hygiene is key. There is no pallet that enhances your consideration for hygiene standards better than plastic pallets. In the event that you transport liquid products and they spill, plastic pallets are easier to clean compared to other types of pallets. This means that plastic pallets cannot contaminate your future shipments. In addition, when you use plastic pallets, you do not have to worry about dealing with moulds or dust.


Apart from their traditional setup for shipment of goods, you can use plastic pallets for other uses. For instance, plastic pallets can be customized and used as water filters. These types of filters are useful for companies that build wastewater treatment facilities.


Plastic pallets can be recycled, making them a great choice for environment-conscious users. Incorporating recyclable materials in your operations promotes environmental sustainability. In addition, recycling the pallets means the materials would serve you longer – compared to using pallets that are not recyclable. Furthermore, compared to wood pallets that can only be used for an average of three times, you can use plastic pallets 50 times – or even more to carry goods.

Good for Display

The appearance of plastic pallets makes them a suitable choice if you are looking for pallets used for display. For example, in the sale of electronics, pallets are not only used for transporting the goods, they are also part of the display once the merchandise gets to the stores. Plastic pallets can also be used as part of modular displays for goods such as bottled water, toys and clothes.

Plastic pallets do not have nails and screws, making them safe for your handlers to carry during the displays. In addition, lack of the nails and screws means your goods are safe from damage.