Scrap metal recycling for smart devices

Anyone who is addicted to their smartphone or tablet knows how tempting it is to upgrade your device when a newer or faster model comes back. The technology in these devices continues to rapidly develop, and the ever increasing speed and performance makes new models exciting and even more useful. However, this has led to issues with a growing number of old devices that need to be disposed of.  Here are some hints to safely dispose of smart devices. [Read More]

Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

A wide range of metal such as copper, aluminium, iron and steel can be recycled to make other valuable things. Making products from recycled metals is quite cheap, as it uses less water and energy as compared with using raw materials. Besides, this practice reduces carbon emission to the environment. The practice of buying scrap metals by commercial recyclers has become a popular business in the recent years. Therefore, instead of disposing of your scrap metals to the landfill, it would be prudent to bring your metal scrap to a recycling facility. [Read More]